Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Tesimonials

I appreciate Auto Now, and in particular, YOU...Mr. Larry!!! I wasn’t sure going in if I’d be approved. But, you made sure I did!!!! All the way down to picking me up!! Spectacular service! Your service was GREATLY appreciated, and I look forward to doing business with you and Auto Now (for car purchases) in the future!!! 

Nicole April 8, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Testimonials

I just wanted to say I am pleased with the way my wife was treated when she went to buy a car. You guys put her in one when no one would. Car seems great. Thanks.
James Galloway 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another Loyal Customer

 Auto Now is a reliable business if you are in need of a dependable vehicle. They helped me when no one else would. Now several years later I am still doing business with Auto Now and will continue in the years to come as well as referring family and friends.

Chadwick S.

Customer Testimonials

I am so happy with Auto Now that I keep coming back to purchase my vehicles. Because I am extremely pleased with my overall experience I have purchased 3 vehicle with Auto Now . I also refer friends and family to do the same. In fact, my daughter in law has purchased two cars with Auto Now!

Linda M. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

An update from AutoNow

5 Easy Ways to Make a Payment!

At Auto Now, we provide you with 5 simple ways to make a payment!  You can make your payments by:

  1. Auto Pay: You can link your checking or savings account to our Auto Pay system.  Your payment will come directly out of your account when your payments are due.  Through Auto Pay, you can avoid late fees and your payments will be made on time, every time!
  2. In-Store:  Make a payment at any of our locations by the date your payment is due!  We accept payments made by Money Order and Personal or Cashier's check in-store!
  3. Call Us: You can call any of our four locations to make a payment when it is due.  We  can pay with your Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), Debit Card, or through your checking or savings account when you call us.
  4. Mail: You can mail in your payments to us as well to our locations!  Mail us a Money Order or Personal or Cashier's Check made out to Auto Now with your payment amount every time it is due! 
  5. Online:  Make payments online!  Just go to our website,, and you can easily make your car payment online!  You can do it from your computer at home, work, or on your cell phone when on the go!

Maintain your Car! 

Everyone loves and appreciates their car.  Your car will love you back if you give it the love it needs! It is important to maintain your car.  Remember to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles.  Check your car fluids every time you stop and get gas.  Also, do not ignore lights when they come on in your car!  It means that something could be wrong, or needs to be routinely checked.  So get those lights checked out as soon as they come on to prevent further issues! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Customer Testimonial

My wife and I just purchased our second car from Auto Now in Olathe, KS.  The salesman and whole staff are just fantastic there, they are the best dealership I have ever bought a car from, a no pressure dealer.  We were approved at a big dealer, but we wanted to give our business to Auto Now because they gave us a chance 3 years ago.  We thank them and have sent several friends to them for cars.  We are on our second car and WILL buy my next truck there.  Thank you Auto Now. 

- DS (Olathe Customer)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A letter we recently received from a customer!

At Auto Now it is our goal to help good people get reliable transportation.  When we get a letter like this from one of our customers it makes all of our efforts worthwhile.

Dear Auto Now,

I first off want to thank you for getting me into my car; I thank god everyday for sending me to your company.  I also want to thank you for working with me on the payments on my vehicle for which was manageable and fair.  I don't know how to repay your kindness for working with a man, which if not for you, would still be walking , catching buses, or begging for rides.

I don't know if you get this a lot but you saved me, yeah it's a little overboard but you did, I was completely down and out before I came to you, and you showed me that not all auto dealerships are shady and can't be trusted, I'll tell anybody that your place IS the place to go to.  I hope one day down the line that we can do business again.  I think you again and god bless.

Robert M.